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We are a group of talented enthusiasts, who have dozens years of experience in IT delivery. We offer you our knowledge and commitment.

Life has shown us that not only technical skills are needed for success but even more important are soft skills - ability to communicate about usually complicated technicals. We listen, we explain, the priority for us is to understand the essence of the project entrusted to us. We will be honest, our goal is not to blindly do task, but to give you best possible solution. We will tell you when you are wrong, we will tell you when you throw away your money. Why? Because your success is our success.

We are small, we are agile and we like it that way. This help us to maintain really good and personal relations which we value a lot.

How can we help?

Technologies & techniques
Combined years of experience
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What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to launch and grow your business


We deliver bespoke software, software as a service, body lease specialists or offer you nearshoring. We are flexible and open for all models of cooperation - just name your need.

Technologies we work with:
Typescript/Javascript, Golang, Python, PHP and last but not least HTML/CSS/SCSS
ReactXP/ReactNative, Progressive Web Apps
Databases and storage
MySQL, PostreSQL, SQLServer, Firebase Storage, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, REDIS, Neo4j
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


We leverage technology and our experience to help your business grow and generate maximum value. We can train, optimize processes and introduce IT-world best practises to your environment.

Approaches we can help with:
Project management
AGILE, SCRUM, XP, Lean Software Development, PMBOK, Prince2
Software development
Unit tests, Integration tests, Test Driven Development, Behaviour Driven Development, Gitflow, DevOps automation
Product & business development
Event storming, Minimum Viable Product, Business Model Canvas, Value Model Proposition, Lean Startup

Systems & architecture

We're aware that complexity of every system grows with time. Good architecture can slow down this process cosiderably. Using some bullet-proofed rules and principles in systems design can pay off with much smaller costs in the future.

Types & concepts:
System types
web & mobile applications, e-commerce shops & checkouts, REST API, SOAP API, GraphQL API, payment, search engines, data aggregators
Architectural concepts
Microservices, Serverless, Self-contained services, Event Driven Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture


DevOps is a combination of cultural philosophy, practises and tools that aim at increasing organization operational ability to deliver software and services at higher velocity than standard software development processes.

The way we do it:
Amazon Web Services/Azure/Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher, Vagrant
Continous Integration, Continous Delivery, Continous Deployment, Containerization

Our previous projects & experiences

We're exited when we can help - Job aggregator for polish IT market

Tech: Javascript, Typescript, React.js, Next.js, Node.js, Elasticsearch, neo4j, Redis, Docker, Gitlab-CI

Complete realization: from business concept, through development to maintenance & operations allow IT guys to search for job more effectively by aggregating job offers from largest polish job boards. - HR system in SaaS model

Tech: Javascript, Typescript, Next.js, Gatsby.js, React.js, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, Docker, Gitlab-CI, Google Cloud

Complete realization: from business concept, through development to maintenance & operations

Woonity is an HR employee lifecycle management system avaialble online.

Search engine API

Development: Javascript, Node.js, Elasticsearch, Redis

Consulting: System design & architecture

API for full text search with over 300 mln requests per month.

DataEngine - for large retail e-commerce

Tech: golang, REDIS

Aggregation service with REST API built to optimize e-commerce shop performance. 4k+ average RPM with max. 100 ms average response time. Cache layer built with REDIS.


Development: PHP, neo4j, elasticsearch, docker

Consulting: System design & architecture

Geo API: ETL processes programming + api for translating geographic coordinates.

Gift cards system

Development: Typescript, Node.js, nest.js, mongoose, mongodb, docker

Consulting: System design & architecture

A system for managing gift cards business process. - e-commerce aggregator

Technologies: Javascript, Node.js, MongoDB, SCSS

Integration of 200k+ product from various affiliation providers.

IT consulting for large e-commerce

Helping build agile IT organization - goals & data driven

Implementation of modern approaches to help scale up organization and increase IT performance in fields like: development, systems maintenance and compliance.

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